Satori Academy of Arts (SAA)

Satori Academy of Arts (SAA) is a platform that aims at sharing the divinity of the arts far and wide. The academy brings together the various art forms for individuals, holds space for learning and sharing creativity for inner transformation.

The arts, born out of profound inner silence, are powerful as a medium of expression for the heart. The very self-expression through the arts also paves the way for self-discovery. SAA believes that every being has the creative seed within themselves, awaiting the proper environment to grow and blossom into the highest potential.

The academy aspires to nurture the atmosphere for creativity to flower, regardless the barriers of age, gender or race. When art is experienced through the heart, one lives in abundance and innocence, creatively, intensely, joyfully and becomes one with the existence again.

The academy currently offers courses of Classical Vocal, Sarod, Tabla, Flute. It will also facilitate courses in visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, culinary arts and martial arts and also work towards creating more space for creative exchange of arts.

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Satori Academy of Arts

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