2 Days Active Meditation

Date: 05-01-2022

Contribution Fee: 1000 BDT

Active meditations are the perfect synergy of meditation and physical activity that are tailor made for the modern individuals. The techniques incorporate physical movements and specifically designed music that effortlessly moves us from the mind to the heart, helps us enter a relaxed state of awareness, experience our inner silence and to be in tune with our body-mind.

The meditation techniques that we will be sharing originate from different traditions of the world, have been scientifically tested and are designed for the contemporary mind.

During the 2 days of workshop, we will meditate together in a group energy, have a question and answer session and share insights on how these techniques can be best practised in our busy lives.

It will enhance our awareness and relaxation, our sense of inner peace and tranquility, support us to explore our inner world and live in the outer world mindfully and in a balanced manner.

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