1. I have never meditated before, can I meditate at Satori Meditations?

2. I cannot concentrate or focus, I cannot sit in silence and have failed in meditation. Is there something for me?
Yes, we share over 120 kinds of techniques originating form all over the world, and scientifically designed that suit the contemporary individuals.
Our meditations are enjoyable, fun and non serious.

3. Is meditation expensive?
Meditation in itself is not expensive.
At the center , we share meditations in a custom designed meditative space with facilities that support us to have a deep experience of meditation. Those facilities have a certain price, which is why single meditations at the center may seem expensive.

4. How can I be more regular in meditation?

There is a special Monthly Meditation Pass at satori, that makes almost all the scheduled meditations, events and  sessions available to you at a very minimal price for the entire month. 

5. Do I always have to come to Satori to meditate?
You may come to Satori to get introduced to meditation, and see for yourself how different techniques work for you. After that you can chose which meditations you want to continue and meditate on your own or however that suits your lifestyle.