Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Meditation

Date: 12-02-2023

Contribution Fee: 1000 BDT

Beyond the physical body, exists our energy body and our life force energy flows through the seven main chakras in the body.

Like the organs in the body, these chakras also fall out of harmony sometimes and is expressed in our life experience. For various reasons such as repressed emotions, unhealed emotional wounds, insufficient or overflow of energies, the flow of life force is blocked in these vital energy centers, causing disharmony.

Through the meditation sessions, we will use various awareness techniques, breath work, resonant frequencies and active meditations to bring awareness into the chakras, cleanse them and bring them into balance.

*Release of stagnant energies
*Awareness of subtle body and flow of energy
*More wholesome and deeper life experience
*Feeling of union with the self
*Feeling revitalized and reenergized
*Freedom from burdens of the past

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