Hyposis for Relaxation & Meditation

Date: 02-02-2024

Contribution Fee: 700 BDT

Hypnosis is a tremendously effective technique for relaxation that may be used in various aspects of life, namely for stress relief, curing insomnia, to deepen the sense of peace and calmness, healing, to boost confidence and so on.

In hypnosis, one goes into a deliberate sleep state with an opening through which the suggestions are received and directly reach the unconscious part of the mind, where everything originates.
It enables us to relax and let go of unconscious fear and behavior patterns that otherwise limit our life experience.

This three day session offers the opportunity for us to experience the deepest state of relaxation, from inside out.


*Deep relaxation and stress relief
*Relief from unconscious fear
*Improved sleep quality
*Improved state of inner peace
*Deeper experience in meditation

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