New Moon Meditation

Date: 14-12-2023

Contribution Fee: 1000 BDT

Celebrating Darkness

All forms arise out of the darkness and dissolve into darkness. Worlds come, are created out of darkness, and they fall into darkness. Darkness is the womb, the cosmic womb. The undisturbed, the absolute stillness is there.

Darkness is eternal. Light comes and goes and darkness remains. In the morning the sun will rise and there will be light; in the evening the sun will set and there will be darkness. For darkness nothing will rise - it is always there. It never rises and never sets. Light comes and goes; darkness remains. Light always has some source; darkness is without source. That which has some source cannot be infinite; only that which is source less can be infinite and eternal. Light has a certain disturbance; that's why you cannot sleep in light. It creates tension. Darkness is relaxation, total relaxation.

On this Friday, when there is no moon, everything is black, clouds are there and no stars can be seen and the sky is completely dark, we are inviting you to enter that blackness as the form of forms, be a witness to the blackness, and then dissolve yourself into it. It is the form of all forms. You are a form; you can dissolve into it.

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