Waxing Moon Meditation

Date: 08-02-2023

Contribution Fee: 1000 BDT

Celebrating Imperfection

Once a month, a new cycle of light begins with the New Moon. When the moon gradually gains light and transitions towards the Full Moon, the Waxing Moon appears.

Between the perfect new moon and full moon, between setting intentions and their fruition, the waxing half-moon embodies a time of transition, growth and above all the beauty of imperfection.

Veiled by an idea of perfection, we often cannot appreciate the imperfection in life.

Incorporating Japanese concept of wabi-sabi into meditative tea ceremonies, ‘wabi-cha’ is the approach of being grateful for things as they are, without being swept by the idea of perfection or extravagance.

Join us in celebration of imperfection. Through meditation, a tea ceremony and simple conversations, let us open our hearts to the beauty of imperfection.

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