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This Talking to Your Bodymind by Sakshin

Date: 20-01-2024

Duration: 0 months

Contribution: 5000 bdt

Course Details

What you’ll learn

7 Day Meditative Therapy

When our body, mind and consciousness are in alignment, we are whole and healthy on all fronts.

But we have taken our bodies for granted and fallen out of touch with it. When we fall sick, we manage to address the symptoms, but the underlying root causes in the bodymind remains unaddressed.

Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Bodymind is a week long guided process, that combines deep relaxation with alertness, enabling us to explore and befriend our bodymind's creative and self-healing energies. We are then be able to focus these energies on specific issues such as insomnia, eating imbalances, aches and pains, bad habit patterns and anything that needs to be brought to wholeness and balance again.

The seven day meditative therapy brings awareness to our self-healing process, reestablishes the communication channel between our body and mind. At the end of the course, our physical relaxation and self-nurturing starts to happen naturally and spontaneously.


*Learning the mysterious language between your body and mind.
*Relief from physical ailments by reaching to the root cause.
*Gaining clarity about the ways that our bodies communicate.
*Coming out of repetitive behavior patterns.
*Freedom from unaddressed issues and blockages in the body.
*Experiencing unity within our mental, physical and conscious states of being.