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This Opening to Feeling: Breath by

Date: 03-02-2023

Duration: 0 months

Contribution: 3000 bdt

Course Details

What you’ll learn

Breath is life itself.

It is known as ‘prana’, which means vital life force.

Our first and last act on earth is the breath. It is the bridge between our body and emotional state of being and directly affects our physical, psychological emotional and spiritual states.

Our breathing is different when we are asleep and when we are awake, when we are in anger or in love, in chaos or at peace. Often because of insufficient flow of energy and blockages in the body, we are unable to feel emotions. Intense breath-work incorporated with active meditation techniques, helps to tap into our true ability to feel and experience life.

Join us on this workshop to experience the vitality of breath and how breath work can change our overall health, well-being and sense of inner peace.