About Us

Satori Meditations is a transformative center that brings together and shares meditations and holistic practices from traditions all over the world and promotes conscious, healthy and creative living.

Satori believes that it is our innate nature to be blissful and meditation gives us back the beautiful perception we had in our childhood, non- judgmental and full of wonder and acceptance. It reveals to us the treasure of our true nature that lies within.

The intention of Satori Meditations is for individuals to become conscious and free from all sufferings of the body, mind and emotions; to master the ability to turn any activity into meditation, so that life itself becomes meditative and one can live harmoniously aligned with nature.

The wide range of services offered covers body, mind, emotions, life issues, creativity, centering and esoteric work.

Satori believes that life is not only for meditation and self-realization but for celebration too, in order to have both the balance in life and self-expression through music, dance and other art forms. As an extension of meditation, Satori organises celebratory events, to celebrate this magnificent existence that we know as life.

It is one of the ventures by Satori Foundation, that works towards conscious living practices through its ventures.

Satori Meditations, meditation center for Inner Transformation
Treenayana, a lifestyle store for conscious living
Zorba Kafe , a restaurant for conscious eating
Satori Academy of Arts, a creative school for self expression.

Satori is run by meditators who are responsible for specific roles. Everyone that supports the center are doing the Work As Meditation program, where the very work becomes the meditation.